Online Weekend Retreat

Kurstype: Helgeretrett i Acem-meditasjon

From Friday to Sunday. Both Saturday and Sunday over the three hour threshold of meditation. You participate from home.

This retreat is arranged by Acem UK, but welcomes meditators from all time zones.

Helgeretrett i Acem-meditasjon


Kurset starter
Fredag 12. mars 2021, kl 14:00
Kurset slutter
Søndag 14. mars 2021, kl 14:45
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Enjoy the opportunity to meditate over the three-hour threshold. The retreat offers everything a «normal» retreat would have: long meditations, guidance groups, plenary meetings, and yoga sessions. This upcoming retreat is an unique opportunity for those who have learned Acem Meditation.

You participate from your home and meditate in your favorite chair or in your bed. Although the participants meditate from different places and in different countries, the retreat brings people together in a special way. That's the experiences  we have from previous online retreats of Acem Meditation. We want to continue with further online retreats.

Program - times in GMT/UTC (London)

For CET (Oslo, Berlin, Barcelona) add one hour.


1400 - 1500 Welcome: Who are we and how to hold an online retreat 

1515 - 1715 Meditation 

1730 - 18 45 Guidance groups 

1900 - 20 00 Dinner

2000 - 2100 Seminar 


0800 - 0845 Morning yoga  - optional (online)

0900 - 1200 Meditation 

1200 - 1245 Lunch

1300 - 1430 Guidance groups 

1600 - 1700 Seminar 

1700 - 1800 Meditation

1815 - 1900 Dinner 

1900 - 1945 Social - plenary 

2000 - 2030 Talk with meditation buddy 



0800 - 0845 Morning yoga - optional 

0900 - 1200 Meditation

1200 - 1230 Lunch

1230 - 1345 Guidance groups 

1345 - 1445 Plenary session

1445 Goodbye for now


Kurset arrangeres av Acem International School of Meditation


Course times is UK time.

Course language is English

Please indicate upon enrollment if you want a German speaking guidance group. We will do our best to accommodate your wish.


Eva Skaar

Meditasjonslærer i Acem. Billedkunstner.

Henning Gravklev

Kurslærer i Acem. Daglig leder.

Ellen Gravklev

Meditasjonslærer i Acem. Seniorrådgiver ved Universitetet i Oslo.