Pamporovo, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Pamporovo, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Luxury hotels at an altitude of 1650 m in the Bulgarian ski resort of Pamporovo:

Hotel Perelik (five stars)
Hotel Orlovetz (five stars)
Hotel Orpheus (four stars)

Map of Pamporovo

Hotels Perelik and Orlovetz lie right beside each other, while Hotel Orpheus is located 800 m away. 
Double rooms with ensuite bathrooms will be used as single rooms, with plenty of space for yoga, meditation and other activities. 
Multi-room apartments will be used as double rooms.
High-class lacto-vegetarian food will be partly based on local food traditions. 
The lecture hall and meeting rooms are of a very high standard and very suitable for our purposes.


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The bus ride from Sofia Airport will take 3-4 hours.

It is also possible and quite easy to drive there on your own, for instance by renting a car at the airport.

Or you can take a train or a bus to Sofia and go from Sofia to Pamporovo by bus (ca. 4 hours).

Map of Pamporovo

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