Embracing Uncertainty – Acem Meditation and Innovative Thinking (Acem Webinar)

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Which qualities favour innovative thinking? How can meditation help us develop these?

Photo by Philip Justin Mamelic from Pexels


Lørdag 7. november 2020
kl 15:00 - kl 16:00
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NB: The times are in CEST (Oslo, Berlin, Barcelona).

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While often understood as simply getting new ideas, innovation is not mere invention, but also the implementation of these ideas. Empathy, perseverance and an open mind are some of the personal qualities useful in this process. Most ideas don’t turn into successful innovations, but need to be abandoned or re-thought.

This webinar explores how practicing Acem Meditation can support an exploratory innovation process that embraces the uncertainty that surrounds us.


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Photo by Philip Justin Mamelic from Pexels


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