Acem Webinar: Shame – how to understand our painful companion

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Meditation and metathoughts offer a golden opportunity to explore this limiting and distorting force in our lives – and in society in general.

Acem Webinar: Shame – how to understand our painful companion


Lørdag 3. oktober 2020
kl 16:00 - kl 17:00


Can our experience with metathoughts – self-critical thoughts during meditation – help us understand the origins of our shame? Is understanding shame helpful even if we cannot get rid of it? May shame be passed on through generations? What is the role of shame in society – from the “shame dumping” of political debates to the omnipresence of racism and prejudice? And how should we relate to shame during different stages of life, including old age, where the overarching aim is reconciliation with who we are.

This webinar will be based on a recent issue of Acem’s Nordic periodical Dyade (no. 1 2020), written by the two speakers.


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Ole Gjems-Onstad

Meditasjonslærer i Acem. Professor i rettsvitenskap.

Merete Hetland

Født 1961. Overlege i giktsygdommer. Begyndte å meditere i 1980, har undervist i Acem-meditasjon siden 1983. Medlem av Acem Internationals faglige ledelse siden 2003.