eZ publish


eZ publish uses templates as the fundamental unit of site design. A template is basically an extended HTML file that describes how some particular type of content should be visualized. The templates for this site are located within the following directories:

  • "design/base/templates"
  • "design/base/override/templates"

Please do not change/edit the contents of the default design directories, which are:

  • "design/standard"
  • "design/admin"

Style sheets

eZ publish makes use of CSS files (Cascading Style Sheets). These files contain information about colors, text styles, font sizes, spacing and so on; and thereby dictate the overall look/appearance of the site. The CSS files for this site are located within the "design/base/stylesheets" directory.


All configuration settings are stored within .ini files. The default ini files are located inside the "settings" directory. These files must not be altered. The actual configuration files for this site are contained in override files that are located within the "settings/siteaccess/base" directory. The settings in these files override the default configuration settings. There is a GUI frontend for editing the various configuration settings. This frontend can be found in the administration interface: Setup -> Advanced -> Ini settings.

Documentation and guidance

The eZ publish documentation covers common topics related to the setup and daily use of the eZ publish content management system/framework. In addition, it also covers some advanced topics. People who are unfamiliar with eZ publish should at least read the "eZ publish basics" and the "Day to day use" chapters.

If you're unable to find an answer/solution to a specific question/problem within the documentation pages, you should make use of the official eZ publish forum. People who need professional help should purchase support or consulting services. It is also possible to sign up for different training sessions.

For more information about eZ publish and other products/services from eZ systems, please visit ez.no.