Acem for English-speaking in Norway

In Oslo, from time to time you may learn to meditate in English. After the beginner's course, you may also participate in the First follow-up course M1, as well as some long meditations.

On some international retreats you may also learn to meditate in English. 

You will find an overview of the various courses and activities in English in the box on the right hand side. In addition, Acem arranges courses and activities in English in the UK, the US, the Netherlands, India, and occasionally in other countries.

Meditative Yoga

- integrating body, breath and mind

Meditative Yoga brings restful peace to both body and mind, and renewed energy in everyday life. Start tired and end refreshed as body, breath and mind are united in slow, effortless movement. Students of meditative yoga gradually discover new ways of unlocking their inner strength. This book teaches a simple, classical meditative yoga – different from many modern, more dynamic and forceful versions of yoga practiced today.

Fighting Stress: Reviews of Meditation Research

En oppdatert oversikt over hva forskningen sier om meditasjon.